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 ATM Program

There is no charge for members of the credit union to access their CMUFCU accounts at the credit union owned ATM.

ATM Location:

  • University Center Lower Level (LL 81).

MasterMoney Debit Card:

  • Use the debit card as an inexpensive alternative to writing checks. The card can be used to pay for purchases anywhere the MasterCard logo is displayed. Unlike a credit card, you pay no finance charge as the funds are taken from the available balance in your CMUFCU share draft (checking) account.
  • With the MasterMoney card you can avoid carrying around your check book, waiting for check approval, having to present several forms of ID, and other hassles that go along with check writing.
  • The MasterMoney Card can also function as a regular ATM card. Use it to access your CMUFCU Share Draft (checking) or Regular Share (savings) account at any ATM displaying the MoneyStationGenie, or PLUSsymbols.
  • Use your CMUFCU MasterMoney debit card to make purchases an unlimited number of times for only $0.50 per month.

Allpoint - is a national network of over 43,000 ATM's through which CMUFCU members can get surcharge-free access to their accounts. Allpoint ATM's are located at retail stores throughout the country, including Uni-Mart, Target, CVS, and Rite-Aid.

Please Note : Some Allpoint ATM's may still display a "surcharge message" screen that says you will be assessed a surcharge for your transaction. You should continue the transaction by answering "yes" on this screen. When you get your receipt, you'll see that you were not assessed a surcharge.

Click on the symbol below for more information on Allpoint or to get a list of Allpoint ATM's in your area by entering a zip code.


CU Dollar-we are members of the CU Dollar (CU$) No-Surcharge ATM network. (CU$) is a network of credit unions where you can use your ATM/Debit card without being surcharged. Click on the symbol below for more information on (CU$) or to get a list of ATM's in the where you can use your CMUFCU ATM/Debit card without being surcharged.

CU Dollar



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